Little Judas

Little Judas logline

Young and mischievous Judas Iscariot dreams of ruling the streets of Nazareth while reluctantly befriending his strange and annoying new neighbor, Jesus of Galilee. The kids attend the first day Josaphat’s School of Shepherding, learning how to handle bear attacks and first crushes.

Director Statement

A few years back, I wrote an animated pilot about Judas Iscariot being an asshole punk teenager on the streets of Nazareth, and Jesus and his weird family move in next door. The two of them attend shepherding school together and form an unlikely friendship by the end. The pilot script got pretty far in some screenplay contests, but ultimately nothing happened with it.

Hadas Goshen, executive producer of “Little Judas,” read the script in 2022 and got really excited and wanted to help me create it. She reached out to the brilliant animator Bradley Oliver Wilkinson, and soon the project was in motion: We would create one scene from the pilot as an example of what we can do together.

We want to make the whole pilot, with the right backers. And then onto seven seasons and a movie.

Little Judas IMDB

2023 Festival Awards

Best Animation – Kanab Film Festival

Best Sound and Music – Los Angeles Comedy Film & Screenplay Festival

Honorable Mention – LA Underground Film Festival

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